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February 10, 2010

just because - FASHION KILLS.

Growing up as a kid in Harlem, NY, I use to collect Air Jordans, and stupidly expensive sneakers, and leather jackets, and flashy denim with a pricey poison tags-- I was greatly influence by my HARLEM peers and the diplomats. Yes, it's surprising to me also...

As I moved out of HARLEM in my second year in highschool.. I moved to a rural part of South New Jersey life that guided me into a much more simple, and pure life which I lacked in the mean streets of New York City. Well, in New York City what you wore and how you dressed defined you at a very young age--my first memories begun in 3rd grade:Conversation with a 3rd grade peer

"What shoes are you wearing?What are you going to wear for easter?"

"I don't know; CLOTHES!" I replied.

So New Jersey, formulated me into a fuck fashion frenzy but then I became deeply immersed into fashion in a new profound way. I became obsessed with the past, and turned off by the future. I mean I begun to get drenched in a vintage world-- I was totally hooked on collecting freaky cool jewelry, shoes, accessories, and vintage designers from Ebay. My obsession grew even more because I didn't have tons of friends to spend my time with so I lived with this deep love for vintage, and my artwork. O yes.. this was the time when I begun my paintings--I blew hours away on my bedroom floor in my just painting. I rarely went to any social outings with any other high schoolers. The prom was even a big deal to me at the time because I was so anti-people.

So, I took this great love of what begun through highschool.. and was in search for more so I applied for tons of internships coming out of highschool, and went on a few interviews with a stylist (GK Reid), fashion houses (Rachel Roy), PR firms (too many too name) and a few magazines (Marie Claire, Elle)..then I end up with a personal stylist for the ballers. So, I thought I got everything I wanted I was attending a fashion school, and interning in a division of fashion-- but no I was wrong. Four internships deep in 2 PR, and 1 with a designer, and 1 with personal stylist.. I realized I am not sure if this is for me anymore, or maybe its not for me working for rude,and sleep deprived people.. To be continued.

Time flies, so let's Create.

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